Top Odoo Developer for accelerating any business processes.

Select CSM Odoo developers for all Odoo allied services such as Odoo Implementation, Customization, Support, Training, Integration, Migration, Apps creation, and all works related to Odoo.


Number of Projects

Our reliable Odoo developers are industry experts and enriched with industry working knowledge.


Number of Consultants

Our consultants will provide best practices for Odoo deployment in your business


Years of Experience

We support our customers with a proven project method over the past 8 years.

ODOO ERP Configuration Services

CSM will help you to pick up relevant modules of Odoo ERP and configure them to suit the needs of your business and as per the scope of the project.

ODOO ERP Customization Services

CSM offer high-end Odoo ERP customization service within the set deadline. Our experts customize the Odoo ERP software for an organized workforce and a highly streamlined workflow.

ODOO ERP Consulting Services

We provide consultancy to entrepreneurs looking to adopt Odoo for their business. We also guide with the best ways to implement the software.

Odoo ERP Upgrade & Migrate

CSM’s Odoo experts upgrade and migrates the date successfully to the latest version of Odoo to the Odoo ERP from different systems.

Leverage our Odoo developers for all ERP associated activities including implementation, customization, support, integration, migration, and the construction.

Bibhuti Kumar Dalai

Sr. Project Manager

Experience designing open source ERP systems in accordance with the Odoo System, Python, SQL, etc. for over 13 years.

Girish Kumar Mohanta

Sr. Tech Lead

11+ years of expertise creating, determining, and putting into practise the finest Odoo applications for a company's operations.

Abhijit Swain

Module Lead

Module Lead with 6+ years of experience in designing & developing ERP module, manage backend databases, handle all sort of change requests.

Our Odoo developers can build you the best ERP

Take one step forward hiring our Odoo developers and obtain top solutions to satisfy your business needs.

Get more value from the open source ERP Odoo and manage the business more effectively.

CSM's Odoo ERP Developers


Leveraging Excellence For e-Governance

From the simplest standard implementation to sophisticated cloud deployments & integration, Odoo is the best possible solution for any Government goals & constraints.


Open Source ERP: Where Opportunities Outweigh Challenges

Open Source ERP is emerging as an alternative to expensive proprietary ERP solutions due to scalability, flexibility and customization.


Human Resource Management System

CSM's Human Resource Management System on Open Source ERP Platform provide an excellent avenue for seamless management of all core and non-core human resource functions.

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